CFD´s are a great way to add to your trading portfolio as part of your diversification strategy.

Being very similar to Fx trading, CFD trading can help you expand your trading strategy. It will come so easy for the Forex trader to try CFD´s being already used with the way Forex works. Add to that ADS Prime’s sophisticated and innovative trading platforms and you have a system designed to maximize your trading potential.

What is CFD Trading

Foreign exchange determines the value of a currency and prices will fluctuate with supply and demand levels.

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Why Trade CFD´s

A CFD – or contract for difference – is a financial product that gives you exposure to an underlying instrument e.g. shares or commodities without having to physically buy the product.

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Commodity prices are influenced by many factors, including supply, production, environmental, economic, political and social factors. Our gold and oil rates are among the best in the UK and indeed the global marketplace.

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Index prices represent a market segment of a particular area and can be used to provide an estimation of a nation’s economic or sector performance. We offer some of the highest leverage on a range of global indices.

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Our range of UK and US Shares, have margin requirements from as low as 5%. Leveraged trading on shares is free from stamp duty and we optimise transparency by displaying our prices with only the market spread.

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